Monday, May 11, 2015

Finding My Voice!

     Writing is so very important to me. It is my voice! It is the one place I can go to express my everything that vocally I fail at.  I have been very timid for years about sharing my feelings through words.  I have always second guessed my writing ability, terrified to expose myself, fearing criticism and shame.  Then God gave me Cora!  He began preparing me for being a special needs Mom, and along the way he shared the talent he instilled in me.  Crazy I know.....but true!

     Writing this book about Cora and our journey has been torturous, scary, fulfilling, rewarding, and exhausting.  Unburying years of regressed emotions has been liberating, as well as horrifying.
This book has been a 14 year journey that started out through journaling.  This journey has given me hope, strength, confidence, and......a voice!  I have begun to see God's work within me, and I realize there is no need to fear!  I now know the talent God gave me is writing!  I know this because when I write I feel my soul shine, and a happiness that's unexplainable overcomes me!  To see words creating sentences, that creates a story, that educates some, and helps others escape, it is very liberating.  It is sad to admit that I've listened more to the Neh Sayers than God all these years. Discovering this talent and knowing what I write could educate some, bring comfort to another, or answer a single question, brings me peace.
I'm so proud to announce that I am in the finishing stages of my first book about Cora, and our families Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) journey.  I have battled 14 years of doubt, confusion, sadness, and pure fear!  But.......over those years, God has been molding me, my writing, and my voice!  I am still learning to trust when I can't see, learning to block out the negative noise of others, and listen to the inner voice God instilled in me.  I am slowly releasing my grip to allow God to guide and protect me!  In a way I am taking a giant leap of faith.  Fearful as I may be not following Gods plan for me would be denying Gods gift, and then I just wouldn't be who God has planned me to become!  So..I sincerely hope that each of you will leap with me and read my book upon completion!  It educates, and reveals so much more than one would ever expect!  

Blessings Until Next Time!