Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Giant Milestone!

     Sitting in the middle school auditorium Thursday morning I felt tears well up.  I was so overcome by excitement and pride for Cora.  This morning I was going to witness my 14 year old, CHD, daughter accept her middle school promotion certificate to high school!
     Knowing all that this sweet thing has overcome I was overflowing with such pride!  As I sat there observing a giant milestone in my daughters life!  Knowing she had less than a 30 percent chance of life after birth, I look at her sitting in the crowd of 8th grade students and praise Jesus!  To hear her name called by the principal, to hear students clap and Woo Hoo, and to see my miracle walk across the stage to accept her certificate, I couldn't help but cry.  I clapped and snapped pictures through my tears.  I was so proud of Cora!  It was truly an accomplishment I didn't think would happen!
 I hope as she reflects back upon this day, she sees her own accomplishments!  I pray she sees that all the difficult days, and moments when she said she wanted to give up, are floating thought.  I hope she remembers that she didn't give up, and God never left her.  This is her accomplishment!  She has accomplished something so wonderful, something so extremely difficult for her, something so many of us take for granted!  She accomplished elementary school, and middle school.  She may not have been an A student who was on the honor roll all year, but in her Dad and my eyes that doesn't matter!  As long as she strives hard, puts her best effort forward, and doesn't give up.......that's honor roll A's all day long for us!
Great job Cora!  Keep pushing yourself!  As I have said before baby, God has special plans for you, believe in Him, he won't steer you wrong!