Thursday, June 26, 2014


     As I sit here this Thursday evening, my anticipation is growing by the hour.  Tomorrow I will be picking up my darling daughter at Heart Camp.  I have prayed so much this week for all the campers and their little hearts. 

     I anticipate that moment when I get to see her sweet little face.  Her warm joyous smile, and her voice calling out Mom.  I simply can't wait to grab hold of her and shower her with kisses and hugs.  Like each year I'm sure I will be praising God for keeping her safe and returning her back to me!  Funny to say but, I am as excited as a child on Christmas morning.  The inspiration Cora gives me everyday is really indescribable.  She gives me courage to try things, she brings me joy in the little things, but mostly.....she make me proud to be a Mom...specifically, her Mom!!

     Now don't get me wrong, I like time away from my children.  I enjoy "me" time, but I want to selfishly enjoy every minute I can with her....really with all my children.  It's just I don't know what the time frame of togetherness with Cora will be.  So I try to soak up all I can...just like a if I am faced with days, or years without her, I will have used every minute God gave me with her to the best of my ability.

     So as I retire for the night I am excited for an afternoon, evening, and probably as week full of stories and wonderful memories my CHD daughter has made!  These are moments that carry me when I fall short, and feel like I just can't do another day!

Blessings until next time!