Thursday, June 19, 2014

Harsh Reality!

     Oh where do I start?.....It is so emotionally difficult when you see a sweet heart child struggle, to eventually lose their battle.  Today I sit reflecting on the miracles of God and sifting through my emotional confusion I face, each time a heart child is called home to heaven.  I am saddened because I feel guilty that my child is still here, while another is grieving the loss of their baby.
  It is so hard to describe the emotions I go through every time the harsh reality surfaces, that these little heart children are so fragile.  It's a wake up call reminding me that my daughter is fragile!  

     The most difficult part for me is sitting Cora down to share this news.  To delicately express to her another heart child has been called home to heaven.  I wish I could say it has gotten easier over the years, but honestly as time goes on it is such more difficult.  Watching her eyes tear up, and seeing her is so very difficult to keep my own emotions intact. I can't imagine what Cora thinks each time she loses a friend, an acquaintance, a camp buddy.  The only thing she seems to say more often than not is "it could be."  I long to tell her differently but she knows.  I do what I feel in my heart God is guiding...we pray, we talk, and we praise for the glories God has given us.

     So with a tearful eye we say Good Bye to another heart child today, and we smile through our tears knowing God is happy to see her.  

Blessings until next time.