Saturday, June 21, 2014

Heated Summer!

     I bet every child is so very ready for summer, and every Mother is getting themselves prepared to keeping the kiddos busy for several months now that school is out!
     Personally summer is another transitional time of the year in our home!  With the heat arriving very soon, a new set of obstacles emerge for Cora and myself.  While many children are encouraged to play outside and enjoy the day....My daughter has to monitor her day outside...playing outside in spirts.  

     For Cora the heat, well..... it just isn't her friend!  As the temperature rises through the summer, Cora faces more issues.  The inability to breath well with any real physical activity, leads to a lack of oxygen, that then turns Cora's lips bluish purple, which leads her to begin breathing shallow quick breaths.  This is her way of trying to catch her breath but, it really leads to additional issues for her.  She'll begin to feel lightheadedness and dizziness. All of this results in extreme tiredness from being outside a short time.  

     For the most part she has been good at knowing when to take a break and go inside.  However lately....not so much!  In the spring I began to see Cora pushing herself more.  I see her trying harder to keep a connection with other kids.  I can see her pushing her limits even though her body is telling her to slow down.  Now that summer is around the corner, I am faced with a Momma teaching moment.  To express to a child that she has limits is not easy for any parent...especially one who deep down already struggles emotionally with the discovery of her uniqueness.  So here I am, at a moment where I need to sit down and explain the true effects that may happen if she doesn't listen to her body.  How do I this?.......well I haven't figured it exactly out yet.  I do know however I will continue to pray and ask God the guide me in this delicate conversation.  A conversation that needs education for Cora and understanding from her Momma.

Blessings until next time,