Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lessons From Heart Camp!

     My reunion with Cora on Friday wasn't how I imagined in my head!  Don't get me wrong it was good wasn't the yelling of my name, running to me so I could swoop her up in my arms hugging and kissing her. was a quite "Hi Mom.", and is it time to leave already?  I did however get a hug and a joyous smile from her. 

     On our travels home Cora began telling me all about her week.  Something was different this year....I looked at her no longer seeing the little camp girl....I saw a young lady sitting next to me wanting to share her week with me!  As she began to talk she seemed so grown up.  How could I have dropped off my little 13 year old daughter on Sunday, to come pick up a young lady on Friday?

     She began by stating, "Mom I learned a lot at camp this week." She proceeded to inform me that she learned about miracles!  She felt that the little camper girl that passed out and went into cardiac arrest, would die.  She said she openly cried and prayed for her.  Cora was amazed that within 24 hours the little gal was sitting in bed Skyping with her and her fellow campers.  Cora simply said it was a miracle.  "They do exist Mom!"
  She continued to tell me her second lesson learned.  She went into a lengthly explanation about a difficult counselor at the camp, and how she had a hard time of it.  Then she fell silent.  I thought for sure she began crying.....leaning to the side of the window I heard her take a deep breathe.  She perked up and spoke once again...."You know Mom I didn't like this counselor's attitude, or the way she spoke to me but....she taught me the most.  Don't open your mouth if you are going to cut someone down...she hurt my feelings all week, but, I do that too."  She went on to tell me that this counselor was very harsh and rude.  This counselor's behavior finally got to Cora, making her cry while she was at camp.  But she said she's done the same things to friends and especially her sisters.  She concluded with "That must be what God wanted.  Mom you've said it and I ignored it.  So guess God had to do it."

     Now I know it's only been a few days but Cora has retracted quite a bit that has come out of her mouth, and I have seen her cover her mouth a few times in attempts to stifle the mean.  This is new chartered territory for her...being so blunt has always been filter and the lack of recognition  of her statements.  BUT...these past few days I have seen God's work within her.  She has become aware of those words and the impact they cause.  I know she'll stumble a lot....we all do....but seeing the acknowledgement of others feelings, and working to do better is all I can continue to pray for!

     Who knew you could learn so many life lessons at Heart Camp?!  I am so grateful for The Lord's work within my daughter this past week.  I continue to be amazed at the blessings he grants each of us, and our family as a whole!  As for our home, we WILL continue to serve The Lord!

Blessings until next time.