Friday, January 23, 2015

A Special Celebration!

     I am so blessed God made me a Momma.  I am so grateful to be a Momma to my CHD daughter, Cora.  Sometimes even I forget the simple the celebration of her birthday! 

  My beautiful blue eyed Cora was born into our family, 14 years ago on Friday January 23rd.  Seeing her big blue eyes once she was born melted my heart.  I was hooked from that moment, and felt a rush of love I didn't know could ever exist.  This sweet little thing has endored so much on her 14 year journey, and has faced things most of us will never have too.  But each day she continues to beat her odds.  Each day she reminds me that's it's ok to let go for a few minutes.  Her presence in my our family, makes me appreciate things I never dreamed I'd appreciate.  I must admit, sometimes, I get so caught up in being that protective Heart Momma, that stopping to smell the roses just doesn't occur.  I think about her quality of life, her education, her future, and her life expectancy.  Then.....this sweet little thing comes up to me and gives me a hug, or puckers for a kiss.  Only then does she bring me back to realize, I can't control everything, BUT......... I can breathe in and welcome God's sweet gift.  A blessing he didn't just give me 14 years ago, but a blessing I get to be with every morning she opens her big blue eyes!

  So today, my Cora Evette, I celebrate you!  May today be a special celebration of your BIRTH, and life.  May it also be a remembrance of God's gift and blessing!  Happy 14th my little miracle!  I love you more than words can write or say!!!!

Blessings Until Next Time!