Sunday, December 29, 2013

No Words...Just Tears...God's Love Always!

     We recently just had our Six Month Cardio visit.  What does that consist of you ask?   Well it is a long day of tests, updates, and patients!  Some CHD children have to go weekly, monthly, every six month, or yearly.  My CHD daughter has flip flopped over time.  When Cora was born and finally got to come home our check ups were weekly.  She was on a lot of medication and blood thinners that required her to have tests run weekly.  As Cora grew her appointments leveled out to 3 months, and then more recently to 6 months.
     Having a CHD child you must be prepared for appointments that take three hours instead of 30 minutes.  All the while praying for The Lord to take away your worries  and fears!  My goal is keep Cora's mind off her fears.  Almost being 13 she knows more about her body and what could happen to her than most children will ever have to.  So as her Mom it is my job to keep her calm and not over think the situation.  
     Cora's day usually consists of an EKG, Echocardiogram, X-rays, Oxygen Stats tested, and then a Cardio doctor visit.   After the Cardio check up we sit and wait for everything to be reviewed by her doctors before they come in and let us know what the results are.

     This month's( December) visit was not one of our better ones.  Cora has some irregular heart issues and was decided to be out on a heart monitor for a month or two.  She wasn't real happy knowing she had to wear it all the time, except sleep and showers, but she has adjusted well.  As for emotions, well Cora has her good days and bad.  Right now she says she is just trying to understand.  She is such a trooper, and I completely understand her emotions.  We continue to pray together and cast our worries to The Lord!  Some days well.....there are no words....just tears......knowing we have God's Love always!!

Blessings until next time.