Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Spirit of The Season!

     The countdown until Christmas is on! Everyone is in a crazy rush to buy presents for all.  Some purchases large, some small....everyone with the same goal......buying buying buying!  Isn't that what makes people happy?  Giving the gift of wants?  Pleasing with the instant gratification and wishes of all our family?   Hummmmm.........Never thought of it that way, huh?

     What about the spirit of the season?  You know....the spirit of Jesus.  The celebration of Jesus' birth, the spirit of hope and miracles.  The Christmas magic!  The joy of simply spending quality time with family, sharing stories and making new memories!  This is the time of season where things are magical, and hearts soar!  People are a little extra generous and kind!  We all tend to make prayers requests in hopes that something a little extra special comes true during this magical season.  So...what is your Christmas wish?

     Well for our family the Christmas prayers have been the same for 12 1/2 years now!  Our Christmas prayer isn't just seasonal but all year through.  It is for all Congenital Heart Defect children to keep fighting their battle believing in Jesus, and know that God will always take care of them!  
     We must all remember and keep faith that the spirit of giving, and healing should be a year round prayer, not just one during the Christmas season.  That Jesus is just a prayer away, and for CHD children they need not just the medical treatment, but prayers of beating and winning the battle!  

     So this season my prayer remains the same, with one additional.....please make your wish and prayers something near and dear to your heart!!  Not something materialist or fading!  There are so many children and adults living with a Congenital Heart Defect that battle each day.  Arming them with a prayer for another day makes more of a difference than you know.  Take it from this CHD Momma, I know first hand that prayers can turn into little kisses from God!

Blessings until next time!