Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Special Letter!

     With the hustle of everyday schedules, routines, and, I seem to forget the little things.  I am so busy checking lists, making sure you've taken your medication, helping you remember things, and making sure we get where we need to be.  I just haven't slowed down to tell you how special you are to me.  Expressing my emotions verbally isn't my strong suit,  as you well today I am slowing myself down and writing you a very important letter.  A letter I should have written yo you years ago. 

     From the moment you were born and I saw your sweet little face and your cole black hair I thought.....that can't be my child...she has cole black hair!  :). All kidding aside, I was so happy you were born.  I was so frightened during delivery, and felt heartbreak when you were born.  Hearing the doctors say you weren't breathing, I felt so alone.  Being without Daddy and having a bunch of strange people surrounding me, I prayed and cried uncontrollably not understanding The Lord's plan.  Then something changed...I heard you whimper...I heard a man say you were breathing....I continued to cry uncontrollably...still not understanding The Lord's plan.  Watching them roll you over to me and getting to see you for the first time in the incubator, I was so pleased to see you.  I was enamored by your beauty and peaceful face!  That one moment in time has lasted forever in my heart.

     As you have grown you have amazed me each day in some way.  You have had more struggles than any child or person should have to endore, but you always have seemed to pull through it.  Still not understanding The Lord's plan, I am now ok with that.  I may never know what the plan is, but I know you have purpose, and your life journey is inspirational to me and many others.

     I believe God gives miracles to those he loves....sweetie you are mine!  There were set backs that amazed doctors when you beat those odds.  When Daddy and I were told to stay close because of the unknown, you grew stronger and fought harder each time! I believe the prayers of many who prayed far and near for you were heard.  That may be why your still here fighting the daily fight, growing in your own faith, and teaching me something new about myself daily!

     Life is a roller coaster, and I know your coaster may be more frightening than most, and I hear you and appreciate that some days it's more than you can handle.  But don't ever give up hope, faith, or the fight.  Even though you may not see it, or understand it sometimes, God is always working in your life!  He has protected you for many years.  Bringing you back after you coded, and breathing life into you each time.  Without our faith and trust in Christ Jesus, sweetie, I don't want to know where we'd be.

     I wish I could give you that awesome piece advise to help carry you on your bad days physically and emotionally.  I can assure you that God Almighty loves you more than even I.  I know that's hard to believe but he does and he has great things to share with you.  Those lows, I believe are part of his plan.  It's a reminder honey, that we can't face this human life alone.  We need prayer, family, friends, and faith to lift us, sometimes carrying us, to the highs.

    I am so overjoyed to see you blossom into this young lady I see now.  I know you worry you will let me done, but sweetie that isn't possible.  I wish some days I could take away all that you are confused about with your body and your emotions, so you could have just a second of peace. Through God's Grace, Cora, we will shine and walk a path together pleasing and loving Our Lord! are loved and NEVER alone!

I love you peanut!