Friday, August 22, 2014

Meant To Be!

     How many CHD parents have asked the hard question.....why my child?  Why was my child meant to be this way?  I had the exact same thoughts when I discovered my child, in utero, had a complex heart defect.  I was confused and questioned the decision to even venture into why I wanted to become a parent.  I questioned God and everything about my faith.  Needless to say I was a hot mess.  But years later stepping back and looking in, I have had time to reflect.  Upon this reflection time I have seen the woven glory and grace of God!  I see everything about my Cora was suppose to be.....even while in utero!

     First let me start by giving you a little background.  Our first home was wonderful for us.  The rooms were designed close together so bringing a new baby into our family was perfect.  Our home was on a cul-de-sac, so thru traffic wasn't an issue at all.  Lastly our address......our street number was 123. Easy to remember and fun to share.

     Secondly came baby Cora.  Due date was January 21st.  Unfortunately we had many issues along the way and my labor began in Decemeber.  With the help of many specialized doctors and medication, I made it to my due date and beyond.  My wonderful daughter, Cora Evette, was born January 23rd at 12:34 AM.   Take a look at those numbers again.  Do you see any connections?  Yep.....Cora's date of birth, 123,  her time of birth, 1234, our home address 123.  That my friend is God's beautiful work!  If that isn't God telling me Cora was meant to be....well.....I don't know anything about anything. 

     Just when I thought my reflection was completed I discovered more.  My hubby and I decided to name our daughter, Cora Evette.  We both love corvette's and I shot down my hubby on the lets name our child Corvette.  So he came back with something more creative.....hence her name.  I was excited because I knew Cora was an Irish name, and Evette was different and pretty.  Fast forward to my reflection period.  When I began researching the meaning to her name, God revealed another glory!  Cora is an Irish/Celtic name meaning HEART.  Evette is of Celtic descent and means LIFE!  Put my beautiful daughter's name, Cora Evette, together and it means HEART LIFE! Think about that for just a minute.  Think about all the different little things that occurred which had to do with my daughter's birth.  Ok.......yes she was born with a complex heart defect BUT, God laid it all out for me before I knew anything.  The Lord was answering my prayers and assuring me that my CHD daughter was meant to be!  Not just was she meant to be part of life, she was meant to be my daughter!  For that I am most grateful and so full of Gratitude.  All I can say is THANK YOU GOD  for not giving up on me when I questioned you!  

Blessings Until Next Time!