Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nature's Beauty!

      Heat!  Awe who doesn't love sun rays, squinting in the sun, and good old fashion sweat?   Ok I could do without the sweaty thing, it just doesn't fit me well!

    Our family went on a fabulous 2 mile nature hike at our local state park recently.  It was so fun to get away from the daily hustle and bustle.  No electronics, just good old fashion outdoor fun!  I'll have to say I was so excited to go hiking, but had reservations about our family adventure.  Our youngest, who is 4, was ready for the day, however I was really concerned she'd tire out quickly and want to be carried.  Knowing her little steps were double ours she did wonderful!  She only asked for a few little breaks and did great drinking her water.  She loved nature and all the butterflies seemed to love her.  They circled around her and followed her almost the entire hike!

     My other reservation and largest concern was Cora.  I have read in studies done, and know several other CHD children who struggle with the heat.  Cora is one of those CHD children who don't do to well in the heat.  Knowing this and the fact we'd be pushing her with our up and down hill hiking, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I did as I always do before our day began praying for protection for our family and our days journey, realizing I would just need to keep my eye on her.  Overall she did a great job!  She did tire a little over halfway through, complained she was super hot and sweaty, and noticed her breathing changed a little.  Cora did good taking her breaks and drinking her water.  She stuck it out and completed successfully!

     As evening rolled around I had a bunch of tired kiddos!  My youngest and middle daughters just kinda laid around wanting to watch movies and hang out in their pjs.  For Cora she to was tired but more so feeling ill.  The heat had finally gotten to her.  She had begun to feel sick to her stomach and her head began to hurt.  As the night went on poor Cora had a migraine and was completely wiped out.  As a CHD parent it is difficult finding a balance when we do family adventures.  I don't want to shelter Cora from experiences or express that they may not be the best.  Honestly most of the time we don't know how she'll do until we actually do it as a family.  With that being said we don't push her or make her do things she doesn't want, I mean challenging her like the hike our family took.

     As a whole her siblings are supportive in every adventure we take.  They know their may be limits in our journey, but they try hard to not get mad and down because, we may have to alter our plans due to Cora's health.  Each adventure is a journey in the unknown, BUT, we have faith in God and the unseen miracles.  So we venture and we regroup!  We support and most of all ......WE LOVE!

Blessings Until Next Time!