Friday, September 19, 2014

Finding Balance with Gadgets & Gismos!

     In this day in age what child doesn't own some form of electronic?  Until recently I didn't realize how disconnected from daily life our children were, until rules began changing in our home.  
     I know siblings don't always get along, and I completely get that each has their own opinion.  But living in our home over the last few months has become war.  They bicker over everything.  They don't even try to find common ground.  Oh and don't get me started on the disrespect they have going on with each other.

     Since kayos had erupted in our home my husband and I took all electronics away.  Everything else we had tried was falling short, so we knew this would grab their attention.  I was amazed at how difficult it was for my girls to entertain themselves, without an electronic.  I admit I have failed in limitations in this department.  Knowing my CHD daughter, Cora, is more limited, this has been an easy fill.  From those days that have been to hot and humid for her to be outside long.  To those days she doesn't physically feel well.  I have simply allowed her to occupy her time with electronics.  Now that could really be anything in our home because we are the capital of Electronicville!  We have big screen TVs, PS3, Wii, kindles, iPad, MP3 players, Mom's cell phone to text friends, and probably more that I can't think of right now.

     Seeing my girls unable to function to entertain themselves without something electronic, was disturbing to me.  I was completely shocked to learn that they had no idea how to occupy their free time.  So I began guiding them with ideas.  Every time they stated they had nothing to do I gave them 3 ideas.  Let's just say at first it wasn't a big hit but, now they are warming up.

     The no electronic rule has been in effect for a little over a month now.  After one month my husband and I sat down and reviewed their behavior.  After one month it's astonishing to see how the tension and aggression has decreased.  Now don't get me wrong, they still have days where they bicker and can't stand each other.  However now they are fewer and not as explosive.

     For now the girls have been rewarded with 30 to 1 hour of TV several times a week.  This is at parents discretion and the girls have dealt with this very well.  We did try a day reward with some kindle time.  That was an epic fail!  They aren't ready for that yet.  Learning their moods can be altered so severally by electronics is so unsettling.  So we have decided our next step is to review what games they have and what may cause these unkind rude behaviors.  In the mean time they will continue to discover and explore new things to do with their time, and continue enjoying board game nights!  After all there was life before electronics!

Blessings until next time.