Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fragile Emotions Part 3---The Diagnosis!

     As I sit down to write this post I am still processing everything.  It has been a little over a week since my husband and I met with Children's Hospital clinical doctors and discussed the new discoveries and diagnosis for Cora.  
     To be honest I feel some sadness.  I look at this young lady, my sweet daughter, and try to envision what her world must be like daily.  Knowing I can't take away all the issues makes me feel some days I am letting her down as her Momma.  Now we come face to face with more obstacles and hurdles.  Recently learning as she continues to get older these obstacles and hurdles will grow with her.  So what is a CHD parent to do?  I pray!!  Depending on God to supply solutions, tools, faith, strength, and courage for Cora and us.  This is the only way I know.  Tackling life with Cora has been a challenge from the day she was born, but without our faith we would be lost souls meandering through life!

     So many of you know Cora's original complex birth defect and diagnosis. ( If you don't feel free to check out my post titled Cora's CHD Complex Diagnosis). Her list continues to grow as she gets older, and the challenges to teach her how to cope are more apparent.  I only want the best for my girl, but I have felt so overwhelmed with what has been put on our plate.  Just recently have I been able to sift through each piece and really get a hold of it and what it really means for Cora.  I stress this because though it may not be a big deal for someone to read her additional diagnosis living day in and out with an inconsistency can take a toll on each individual and a family as a whole.
    With all that being said I open up our lives once again to share in hopes that as Cora and I face these things together you will journey with us learning and spreading more awareness.

Cora's additional diagnosis:

Severe Anxiety Disorder:  This is layered. It involves academic, social, and daily executive functioning.  So the best way to explain it is she has anxiety all the time but is easily heightened in the above situations.  My poor girl hasn't learned how to cope with this but has faced it everyday for quite some time.

ADHD:  This was diagnosed last year.  However results from her recent testing, at Children's Hospital, indicated it has increased in intensity daily for her.  Resulting in additional issues.  For example more difficulty focusing on tasks at hand and following in pace with the class.

So now what you ask?  Now we educate Cora and ourselves so we can learn the treatable ways to help her.  We pray for guidance and mercy.  But above all else we show Cora love through patience, guidance, and lots of hugs and kisses.  This new chapter is just beginning and you have my word I will document and share out steps and journey together with each of you.  The more educated we are, the more we can help others.

Blessings until next time.