Monday, July 7, 2014

If You Only Knew!

     All is quite as I check on each of my little gifts before I turn in for the night. Now that all my girls are back from camp I feel a small sense of relief.  Each had joyous times, and each are nestled safely in their own beds.  As I stop in each room I memorize their sweet childlike faces.  Coverup their little sleepy bodies, and sweetly kiss their cheek.  As I stand in the middle of the hallway as I do each night, grateful for each of them, I am drawn to Cora's room.  As I enter the doorway, I stand silently listening.  Darkness fills the room and only her breathing is heard.  Sometimes a beginning snore creeps in but, still breathing a beautiful pattern.  Standing here in the dark I must admit I do this often.  Just so I can hear her breathe! 

     Breathing is so second nature to included...that I don't even think about it, let alone give praise that I am breathing.   With that said I realized I have not one time given praise to God for breathing life into me or my children.  A simple act of breathing, and I haven't thanked God!   Sad?  Maybe...  I have taken waking up and breathing in the morning for granted my entire life.....UNTIL I had Cora.  Silly as it seems I give thanks and gratitude often for Cora's.  

     Something as simple as breathing is a wonderous gift!  As I stand in awe so often letting the darkness surround me a beam of light shines through.  The beam of my daughter's breathe is not just a glorious gift given to her but one of the many miracles we as humans have received from God!
So for me....being a parent of a CHD child means "cherishing every moment, every breath with such intensity that I feel tears come to my eyes for no apparent reason."

Blessings Until Next Time!