Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fragile Emotions...Part 2 Preliminary Diagnosis!

     Teachable moments........they are every second of everyday as we journey through this life parenting our God given gifts.  Some are easy moments while some are ridiculously crazy.  I have noticed on my journey with my three girls that the teachable moments subject may be the same, however they have to be taught differently.  With one child I can share scripture and explain in more detail our purpose as Christians that God has put forth for us.  With another, those teaching moments have to be short and light.  This way her attention is kept, and she retains and understands what is being taught.  My other.....well it is all of the above plus more.  It depends on what kind of day and what kind of mood she is in. The investment in teaching our children is constant and so greatly needed.  Sometimes I would like to take a break and let just one here or there slip by, because it is so tiring and draining.  However we all know that would be a disaster! 

     I have discovered something lately that in my opinion presents a whole new set of obstacles.  Seems the more our family teaches and walks by faith, the more difficult the obstacles have gotten.  I can see small pockets where evil has seeped in.  This forces those teachable moments to be in full force and makes me be on alert at all times.  The devil is good at finding those pockets BUT God is GREAT in giving us the strength, courage, and faith to rise above and come out Victorious!

     This leads me to the past few weeks.  It has been crazy...teaching moments every second of every day.  I have begun preparing Cora for her upcoming medical appointments.  Let me tell you it has been overwhelming for me in processing it all, so I have decided to scale back those teaching moments with her.  Is this the correct choice.....I have no idea!  My goal however is to keep her abreast of what is to come, but not breakdown each detail so it will create worry within her.  

      I have also had to re-evaluate my parenting.....teaching moments with her.  A few weeks back I wrote a post about fragile emotions.  Learning a child's emotional state may be frail and teetering on deeper issues that impact her daily life. Well...... it is not just frightening its unsettling.  This creates a bigger responsibility!  As her Mom I need to doing my research so I can be ready to parent my daughter as she faces these challenging and new obstacles in her life.  Though we haven't been given a firm diagnosis yet, the preliminary that I just stated above is enough at this time.....for me to do some reach and for my CHD daughter to face head on.  

     Once we wind down from our intense evaluation appointments and given a firm diagnosis I will make sure to share our findings.  Having a child with a Congenital Heart Defect doesn't stop with just the fixing of the heart.  There are constantly new arising issues these CHD children must face as they grow.  When you out the pressure of just being a kid growing up ontop of the additional concerns by doctors and obstacles to bear you can see how strong these little CHD kiddos are!  

Blessings until next time.