Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Meeting Jesus!

     I have been working on a book about Cora for years now.  I have stated previously that writing this book has been a very difficult emotional journey for me.  The other evening I was rereading some of what I have written and came across a section that I wanted to share.  So below is an excerpt from my current book in process.  

    "Sitting in this cold sterile room looking at my sweet innocent 4 year old I begged God to heal her and make her ok.  The surgery itself was very difficult on Cora and she was touch and go now for several days.  I sat fixated on her precious body and so wished I could take her place.  Nodding off and on for hours my hubby touched my arm and gestured to Cora.  I opened my eyes to see those beautiful blue eyes looking at me.  She couldn't speak but I could see was happy to see us, as we were overjoyed to see her awake!  
     Fast forward to 3 days after when she was feeling a bit better and her voice was free to speak.  We just finishing watching Snow White, Cora just loved those dwarves, when Cora said to me " Mommy I met Jesus."  I turned to her and my mouth wide open said "huh?"  
Cora whispered with her scratchy voice " I met Jesus Mommy.  I was in the corner of the room and I walked to Jesus where it was sunny, and he smiled at me and spoke.  He told me that I couldn't stay, it wasn't time."  All I could do at that moment was cry and squeeze my baby girls hand."

     When I am having a bad day and feel like I just can't make it through I remember that sweet conversation with my 4 year old CHD child after her 4th surgery, and I thank God for letting her stay, and I thank Jesus for greeting her, comforting her, and returning her to me!   I will never be the same, nor will I ever doubt the power of faith!

Blessings until next time!