Saturday, August 3, 2013

Emotional Roller Coaster!

     So the past few days I have been a little more emotional than usual!  I admit that I am getting worried about school starting for Cora.  Entering middle school is a big deal for any preteen/teen.  Adding the complications with learning into the mix makes the hurdles so much bigger!  When I start thinking about all the educating I need to do with her new teachers and pray they will hear me, and not disregard me as an overprotected Momma. heart starts beating more rapidly and a little voice of doubt creeps into my thoughts, and lately I cry!!

     Then there is the social part of middle school....oh dear!  I remember those days and how much I wanted to meet new kids, and make many friends.  It was challenging during my preteen/teen years and I didn't have any social issues.   Cora, well, she has the added hurdle of having social issues.  She is such a sweet girl but so very blunt.  She doesn't have a sensor to stop those things we all think in our head but KNOW we should never say aloud.  The result for Cora.......she doesn't have many friends who will put up with that, or the emotional ups and downs she has every few hours.  So what do I do? Is this normal for CHD children?  How do I coop?  How does my darling daughter coop? Has anyone else dealt with this with their children?  All questions that creep inside my mind when I pray continually!

     Even though Cora is 12 years old, almost 13, I still feel the need advocate for her in every single way possible!!  For some have looked at me half crazy, while others think I am way over protected.  I have even had a parent tell me they thought I need to back off and let Cora realize how cruel life is, that would then change her bluntness.  Even if I would do that, which I would NEVER do, her social issues are deeper than that.  This social hurdle isn't because she is being " hard headed", it is due to her Complex Heart Defect.  I pray for those who need educated on Congenital Heart Defects, and  I pray The Lord changes the narrow mindedness of many when it comes to understanding.  These are truly real conditions and hurdles not to be taken lightly!  To pass judgement on a child with a CHD is disturbing and warrants educating and prayer!

Blessings until next time!