Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tears of Joy..A Birthday Celebration!

     The hope and joy of seeing a very sick CHD baby grow, face set backs, gain courage, handle illness with grace, all the while growing into a young lady.  Today is a sweet reminder of my baby girl's journey!  It is a day that I have reflected and ran the gamut of her highs and lows!

     So today I celebrate that newborn baby who coded many times, but continuously fought her odds, and overcame those odds.  I celebrate the toddler who underwent 2 heart surgeries, not understanding the importance or the pain she endured. 
     I celebrate that preteen who fought everyday to just fit in!  The preteen who has struggled in more ways than I ever have, but still finds a way to smile.  But most of all....

     I celebrate my 15 year old, sweet CHD daughter.  Though many days are more difficult than not, she is learning to take each day with grace and poise!  Each day I see the courage of David within her, as she faces her Goliath (obstacles).  Though she falters she continues to brush herself off and take one step in front of the other!

     I pray with all my being, God gives you many more years to grow and become everything you want!  A lady, a Mother, a wife, and an author.

     Happy 15th Birthday my Heart Hero Baby!  Love you more than words.

Blessings until next time!