Sunday, November 8, 2015

Broken Spirit!

     Going from discovery of being pregnant to having a child with a heart defect, runs the gamut of all the emotions imaginable, and some non-imaginable. I can't speak for any other Congenital Heart Defect parent, but for me, my spirit was broken.  Every Momma, to be, has envisioned life after the birth of their beautiful child.  From the first moment you get to hold them.  To the moment you get to see them graduate.  For me, those expectations were crushed the moment the doctor informed us that the visions of having a healthy child was not in the cards for us.  The reality, and the disappointment, that I may never experience my babies first cry, first smile, first crawl, or even the first time they said Momma was horrid!  This brought forth emotions of anger, envy, and disparity.
     Being pregnant is suppose to be a joyous time to share!  I carried around pent up confusion, and anguish.  Oh sure I put the happy face on and went along with the belly rubs.  But deep inside I wanted to smack people.  I want them to feel pain!  My heart and soul ached knowing my babies survival rate, after birth, was slim to none.  I had the mentality that if I hurt day in and day out, everyone else should feel a little pain too!

      Left with no choice, the expectations cast upon me, by me, to be a perfect Momma To Be, almost completely ruined me!  I spent those 9 months hiding my broken spirit, just pushing through each day.  Praying for a little light at the end of my babies tunnel.

     Reflecting back on that time, I realized that the pain and anguish I felt, prepared me for the joy God has given me!  14 crazy, draining, but oh so beautiful years with my CHD daughter.  My prayer now.....that God will grant me many many more years just like the first 14!