Thursday, June 20, 2013

CHD Through My Eyes- A Mommy's View

Discovering you are pregnant with a child with a congenital heart defect......well there are no words to describe it.  Being pregnant with my first child, thinking I was going to rock being a Mom, was all I thought about.  Once I found out my child, the little sweet innocent baby inside me had a heart problem I felt like a complete failure.  My one job God gave me, I thought, was to protect this baby growing inside me......and I failed!  I was crushed, but being the person I am I never let anyone know that feeling until this post, today.

My journey as a CHD Mom has been very difficult but what keeps me in check daily is seeing what my daughter has had to go through since the moment she was born, and how far she has come.

My daughter, Cora, had a rough start from the womb.  During her growth in my belly she was diagnosed with Hetrotaxy Syndrome, AVSD, D-TGA, Pulmonary Atresia, Bilateral SVC, Common Atrium, No spleen, and a twisted brain stem.  Yes I have my emotional bad days but I look at how far Cora has come and realize my emotional mess is worth it because I love her so dearly.

My Blog, my posts, are my way of sharing my story and my hope is to educate people, friends, family, about our families ups and downs with having a CHD child.  but mostly my goal is to help those parents who may be struggling and feeling  alone, as I did and honestly sometimes still do.  Please know you CHD Mommy's and Daddy's you are not alone!
Blessings until next time!